Transforming the Way we See Supply and Demand


Unearthing a hidden Treasure of Information through Intra-day Volume-Analysis

Volume represents market interaction , the opening and closing of positions amongst market participants.

Whether we look at a one tick interaction between two market participants, or the volume for a period of a whole trading day, volume reflects the cumulative interaction over the specific period considered.

The viability of Volume analysis is based upon these very basic core concepts:

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Volume represents Market transactions
Market transactions reflect interactions among Market Participants
Market Participants interact to establish and adjust Positions


Market movement is a function of net buying/selling pressure

Net Buying/Selling Pressure is a function of market participants' need to make active adjustments to positions

The intra-day market, from this perspective, represents a progression of interactions amongst market participants.

The positioning/adjustment cycle is a function of the market phase and broader context . Volume analysis can shed light on the duration and character of intra-day market phases and the cycles in demand/supply (buying/selling interest) that the phases reflect.

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